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MSc in Technology and Innovation Management

With the informatization of traditional industries and the arrival of the Internet of things in factories the fourth industrial revolution starts – Industry 4.0. Smart factories emerge which are characterized by resource efficiency and ergonomics.

Businesses are looking for qualified candidates who have technological competence and knowledge in the area of technology and innovation management. In great demand are those who also have an analytical mind for research-oriented work in particular in an international context. The master’s course in Technology and Innovation Management prepares you for precisely this environment. This course is suited to graduates of economics, industrial engineering, and related subjects with at least one year of professional work experience. As a graduate of this master’s degree course, you will be well prepared for a broad range of positions and careers in the context of industry 4.0.

You will be introduced to the success factors of the technology-based engineering and learn how to apply this knowledge. Building on your fundamental knowledge of business and economic methodologies you will deepen and broaden your specialist knowledge in the areas of technology and innovation management as well as general management in an international and technical context. In addition, you will acquire advanced technical understanding in your chosen technology track. The research focus of the course is demonstrated by your work on a research proposal, the literature review and master’s thesis that build on this. You will develop the problem-solving skills that can be applied in all professional situations.

As a Master of Science in Technology and Innovation Management, you are qualified to work in a technical position in an international organization and perform complex management and specialist tasks in the context of industry 4.0.

Duration of Study

Four-semester course (two years)

Your Syllabus

Core Areas ∑ 54 credits

Technology and Innovation Management
Quality Management 6 credits
Lean Six Sigma 6 credits
Innovation Management 6 credits
Innovation Strategies 6 credits
Technology Management 6 credits
R&D Management 6 credits

General Management
International Management and Intercultural Communication 6 credits
Organizational Development 6 credits
Collaboration Engineering 6 credits

Technical Specialization – Engineering Technologies ∑ 24 credits

Technology Track 1 – Energy Engineering
Mathematics for Technology Managers 6 credits
Foundation: The Fundamentals of Energy Engineering 6 credits
Engineering 6 credits
Application: Components of Energy Engineering 6 credits
Electives (you select 1 module)

  • Energy Storage 6 credits
  • Renewable Energy Systems 6 credits

Technology Track 2 – Materials Science
Mathematics for Technology Managers 6 credits
Foundation: Introduction to Materials Science 6 credits
Application: Materials in Production 6 credits
Technology 6 credits
Electives (you select 1 module)

  • Non-Destructive Materials Testing 6 credits
  • Lightweight Fibre Reinforced Plastics 6 credits

Technology Track 3 – Software Technology
Mathematics for Technology Managers 6 credits
Foundation: Distributed Information Systems 6 credits
Application: Software Architecture and Concepts 6 credits
Concepts 6 credits
Electives (you select 1 module)

  • E-Business Management 6 credits
  • IT-Security Management 6 credits

Research Focus and Thesis ∑ 42 credits

Business Research Methods 6 credits
Research Project Technology and Innovation Management 10 credits
Management 10 credits
Master's Thesis and Virtual Oral Examination 26 credits

Total ∑ 42 credits

If you wish to study at a German university, your highest qualification has to be recognized here in Germany. It is therefore necessary to ascertain whether this qualification is equivalent to a German qualification that entitles you to complete a master’s or other degree course at a German university. For our international master’s degree courses, we would look at your most recent bachelor’s degree. We will examine your documents during the enrollment process. We ask that you submit a résumé and an officially attested copy of your highest qualification alongside your registration form. Find out more

Master of Science (MSc)

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