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IT Management (international)

Master of Science (MSc)
#Innovationmanagement #ITSecurity #EBusiness

Almost every company in the world uses IT systems for its business processes – from production to purchasing to sales. But professional technologies are often complex and costly. The challenge is in reconciling both IT and business requirements. Whoever possesses this expertise can establish themselves as a highly sought-after expert in IT management, with knowledge that is becoming increasingly important as the digitalization process progresses.

At a glance


Master of Science (MSc)


120 CP / ECT

Duration of study

4 semesters

Standard period of study

24 months. You can extend the period of study by 12 additional months free of charge.


Any time – 365 days a year

Language of instruction:


Tuition fees

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Zeva AkkreditiertAkkreditierungsurkunde IT-Management International Master


Accredited by ZEvA. An excerpt from the degree program’s accreditation report:

“By imparting and combining knowledge of information technology and selected areas of business administration as well as the associated methodological skills, students can become qualified to analyze business processes and implement suitable holistic optimization measures. Equipped with the intended decision-making skills, the graduates can also work successfully in an international context. The concept dedicates several modules to imparting students with the necessary key competencies. Thanks to this and the various specializations available, the program can systematically prepare students for their subsequent careers.”



In July 2016, the Wilhelm Büchner Hochschule was institutionally accredited by the Wissenschaftsrat for a period of five years and is therefore entitled to use the accreditation seal of the Wissenschaftsrat. The Council of Science and Humanities is an important science policy advisory body of the Federal Republic of Germany.

ZFU Zertifiziert


National accreditation by the ZFU(Germany’s National Center for Distance Education), No. 166316

ZFU Zertifiziert


The unlimited state recognition by the Hessian Ministry of Science and the Arts provides our students with the assurance that all Bachelor's and Master's programmes as well as certificate courses at Wilhelm Büchner Hochschule correspond to those offered by state universities with regard to the level of their learning content and objectives.

At least 6 semesters of university education in the fields of business administration, industrial engineering, engineering/natural sciences, computer science, or comparable courses of study with an overall grade of at least good. Students who have completed the Digital Leadership certificate with good grades can also be admitted – irrespective of the final grade of their undergraduate degree program. Exam results achieved in a 7- semester bachelor’s program can be credited up to a maximum of 30 Credit Points (CP), provided they are equivalent. The examination board is responsible for all admissions and crediting decisions.

and Required English skills: CEFR reference level C1

Combine IT and business expertise – and study IT Management to graduate with the popular Master of Science degree. With the interdisciplinary technical and leadership skills you will learn from this distance learning course, you will be able to develop and implement an IT strategy tailored to business goals and processes. This degree is a prerequisites for higher civil service positions and also qualifies you to do a doctorate. With this degree, you will enjoy excellent long-term prospects at:

Design and optimize IT processes that add value in all industries.

This master’s program helps university graduates with bachelor’s and German Diplom degrees from various fields advance their careers. The distance learning course is primarily geared towards IT specialists, computer scientists, engineers, natural scientists, and economists who want to manage IT projects in the future. The degree program offers an attractive additional qualification while working at any stage of your career.

The Master of Science in IT Management is a scientifically based degree program with an interdisciplinary approach. It is divided into core and advanced areas. First, you will acquire broad methodological skills in project management, corporate management, and financial mathematics. In the core area of the program, you will acquire specialized skills for managing IT projects and international management. You will also benefit from cutting-edge expertise in the field of collaboration engineering.

The advanced area is your chance to focus on an important aspect of IT management while still completing the master’s degree program. You can select two modules to deepen your knowledge, for example in IT controlling, IT security management, e-business management, or information and knowledge management. During the project phase, you will apply your knowledge with a strong emphasis on research and scientific methods. This will further strengthen your professional, methodological, and social skills.

The list shows you the order we recommend that you complete the individual modules. You can select and complete the modules according to your personal level of knowledge and experience. In doing so, you should consider the subject-related prerequisites as described in the module manual and examination regulations. This flexibility allows you to create your own personalized part-time degree program. You determine the pace at which you learn.


First Semester



Second Semester

Third Semester

Fourth Semester

Your master’s program gives you the opportunity to specialize in two of four subject areas. You will then further deepen your knowledge in one of two selected modules. As a result, you will broaden your knowledge, set your own individual priorities, and enhance your professional profile. You can select from the following areas of focus:

Your master’s program contains compulsory electives within the fields of Fundamentals. Here you must complete one of two modules. In same cases - depending on your first degree- this module will be assigned to you by Wilhelm Büchner University.

Compulsory Elective (1 of 2 electives) 6 CP

Eine detaillierte Auflistung des Lernstoffs jedes Studiengangs finden Sie in unserem Studienhandbuch.

Sie haben jederzeit Zugang zum Online-Campus. Hier organisieren Sie Ihr Fernstudium, haben Zugriff auf Informationen, Studienmaterialien und Ihre Noten und bleiben in Kontakt mit der Hochschule, den Tutoren und Ihren Mitstudierenden. Zudem haben Sie über den Online Campus Zugriff auf Ihre Digitalen Lernkarten.

Die einzelnen Studiengänge der Wilhelm Büchner Hochschule sind in Module aufgeteilt. Stimmen die Lerninhalte eines Moduls mit Ihren bereits erbrachten Vorleistungen überein, können Sie für dieses Modul eine Anrechnung für Ihr Fernstudium beantragen. Durch die Anrechnung von akademischen oder nicht-akademischen Vorleistungen können Sie Ihr Studium an der Wilhelm Büchner Hochschule somit effektiv verkürzen. Zudem reduziert eine Anrechnung Ihre Studiengebühren: Je 5 angerechneter ECTS wird Ihnen am Ende Ihres erfolgreich abgeschlossenen Studiums eine Monatsrate erlassen.

Erfahren Sie hier mehr.

Expert opinion
Dr. Shakib Manouchehri
IT Management

“IT projects are becoming increasingly complex – and international. This requires intercultural and interdisciplinary management expertise. With this distance learning master’s degree program, we extensively train technical and management experts, that are most urgently needed by the IT market. Because anyone who knows how to develop cost-effective IT innovations and implement them quickly has the best prospects for high-profile projects and very well-paid jobs.”

Dr. Shakib Manouchehri, IT Management

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