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Engineering Management

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

It is particularly important for technical and scientific experts to develop their soft skills in an international and mediaassisted environment. This applies to teamwork and team leadership as well as to presentation techniques and communication.

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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Creditpoints (cp)



2 semesters


12 Monate. Sie können die Betreuungszeit gebührenfrei um 6 Monate verlängern.


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ZFU Zertifiziert

National accreditation by the ZFU (Germany’s National Center for Distance Education), No. 159114

Accredited by ZEvA. An excerpt from the degree program’s accreditation report:

“On the one hand, the degree program covers the most important fields of technical knowledge, on the other hand it offers students the freedom to develop their own specializations and strengthens their ability to work in an independent and scientifically sound manner with a focus on real-world applications.”

Completion of an 8-semester bachelor’s or German Diplom degree program in the field of computer science or engineering/ natural sciences with at least 240 ECTS Credit Points (CP) or semester equivalent and at least good grades. 2 years of professionl experience after the previous degree program.

The respective examination board is responsible for all admission decisions.

Alternative admission requirements can be applied under certain conditions.

Assume responsibility in demanding management positions – as a graduate of this MBA program, you will expand your technical and scientific expertise with a sound management education. This will enable you to to take on leadership positions at the departmental or at the C-level. There is a widespread and interdisciplinary demand for these additional qualifications, for example in:

Higher levels of civil service or a doctorate – get new career opportunities.

This master’s program is suitable for specialists and managers with an undergraduate degree in computer science, natural sciences, or engineering (at least 240 ECTS Credit Points or semester equivalent). The distance learning program is particularly beneficial if you have worked for at least two years after obtaining your undergraduate degree.

The Engineering Management MBA program is an additional academic education that is highly valued across industries. It expands your professional profile to include key management skills.

The distance learning program is divided into a core area and a project phase. We begin by teaching you comprehensive leadership skills in the areas of corporate management, strategic innovation and technology management, and working on international teams.

Set your own focus based on your individual interests.

In the core area, you will deepen your knowledge by selecting your preferred area of focus from three fields of management that are highly relevant today. You can choose between Collaboration Engineering, Quality Management, or R&D Management.

The project phase consists of four parts – a virtual seminar with cooperative elements, a project completed as a group with a final presentation, a more detailed paper, and a final master’s thesis.

The list shows you the order we recommend that you complete the individual modules. You can select and complete the modules according to your personal level of knowledge and experience. In doing so, you should consider the subject-related prerequisites as described in the module manual and examination regulations. This flexibility allows you to create your own personalized part-time degree program. You determine the pace at which you learn.


First Semester



Second Semester

Your master’s program gives you the opportunity to specialize in one of three subject areas. As a result, you will broaden your knowledge, set your own individual priorities, and enhance your professional profile. You can choose between the following modules:

Specialization Modules6 CP

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„In the beginning, I was skeptic about joining distance learning MBA. Juggling between family, full-time job and studies was not an easy task. But then I thought nothing ventured, nothing gained. Believe me – things began to fall in right place for me after joining the course. Thanks to the flexible coursestructure, supportive staff and state-of-the-art curriculum that made me deeply involved in the course. I never realized when the course came to an end. The course has turned out to be a stepping stone for my career and soon I will be joining as a global project manager in a big German multinational firm.“

Sandeep Khot, Graduate of the “Engineering Management” MBA program

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Der Studiengang „Engineering Management” dauert 2 semesters.
Monatliche Studiengebühr: 605,00 Euro 544,00 Euro
Gesamtgebühr: 7.260,00 Euro 6.534,00 Euro
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