International Master's Degrees
(in englischer Sprache)

By systematically specializing in its core competencies of Computer Science, Engineering, Business and Technology Management, Wilhelm Büchner University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt has become Germany’s largest private university for technology. Right from the start, the philosophy has been to provide professionals with technical education that also unlocks their potential to become managers and leaders.

This is still very much the hallmark of Wilhelm Büchner University and its English-language master’s degree courses. Wilhelm Büchner University offers top-class master’s degrees tailored to academic and labor market requirements. They are aimed at working professionals from all over Europe who wish to qualify for international roles and leadership positions within European companies and organizations.

Time to Aim High

A Master’s from Wilhelm Büchner University will transform your future career. Expand your leadership qualities and give your career renewed momentum. As a graduate, you may have already achieved some of your goals. You might be looking for a career change – or the chance to expand or strengthen your knowledge. Lay the foundation for a global career now. Students from all over Europe benefit from a combination of engineering and general management skills.

Candidates with an English-language master’s degree from a university for technology are highly valued on the international job market. Your degree certificate proves that you studied in English. When added to your résumé, it’s sure to open doors to management positions in a global environment.

Kick-Start Your Career with a Master’s Degree from Wilhelm Büchner University

Master of Science (MSc)
• IT Management

Master of Science (MSc)
• Technology and Innovation Management
Energy Engineering | Materials Science | Software Technology

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
• Engineering Management

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